Lesante Farm

The estate

Wrought by hand, every stone preserves the delicate balance between man and nature while the whole building stands in perfect harmony with the landscape. Large olive trees and vines wrapped around the wooden beams of the pergola shade the land with the magnificent view of the island’s countryside, while vegetables, fruit and aromatic herbs create an impressive colourful view.

The animals

Farm animals are not just kept for their products - cheese, milk, eggs, meat, etc - but are an essential part of farm life, contributing their labour from turning olive presses to clearing the land of weeds and wild grasses. Deer, wild goats, rabbits, pigs, ostriches, donkeys, chickens, turkey, bantam chickens, dwarf goats, sheep and cows, are some of the animals at the farm zoo on the Lesante Farm.

Traditional farm

Welcome to our farm. The Lesante philosophy that combines traditional values with all modern practices and represents the best of Greek hospitality is also embraced here in our traditional farm. The privately owned 2,000m2 estate is an impressive display of environmentally-friendly practices with great regard to cultivation and breeding. Everything that grows here, goes straight to the kitchen, where the Lesante’s chef prepares the traditional Ionian and Mediterranean dishes featured on the hotel’s restaurant menus.