Zante Hotel Location

via land

Kilini port on the mainland of Greece is the main harbor going to Zakynthos. The passage takes just 75 minutes and ferries runs very frequently. Driving from Athens, the capital of Greece, to the port of Kilini is a three hour trip. Athens is on your way if coming from the southern Aegean islands or Crete. Driving from Patras, the largest city nearby, to the port of Kilini is an hour trip. Patras is on your way coming from central or northern Greece. From the harbor of Zakynthos it is a 10 minutes drive to Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa.

via sea

From Pessada, on the neighboring island of Kefalonia, a ferry sails to the port of Agios Nikolaos on Zakynthos. The passage takes about 90 minutes and runs twice a day. From the harbor of Agios Nikolaos to Lesante Hotel & Spa it is a 45 minutes drive. From Argostoli, the capitol of Kefalonia, a ferry sails to the port of Zakynthos town. The passage takes about 120 minutes and runs twice per week. From Brindisi, Italy, a ferry sails directly to the port of Zakynthos town. This service operates only during the months of July and August. From Italy (Venice, Ancona, Brindisi and Bari) many ferries operate frequent services to Patras. Patras acts as an international ferry hub from/to Italy, Albania and Croatia. The harbor of Patras is also the center to sail to and from all other Ionian islands. Traveling from Patras to Zakynthos takes a drive and a ferry passage via Kilini port. The harbors of Kavos and Zakynthos town are ideal for anchoring yachts, sailing boats or private vessels. From both ports it is a 10 minutes drive to Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa.

via air

From Athens airport (ATH) there are daily flights connecting the newly built Zakynthos International Airport (ZTH). From Thessaloniki (SKG), with stopovers on the islands of Corfu (CFU), Lefkada (PVK) and Kefalonia (EFL), flights run twice per week. From most European countries (including Russia and Israel) direct flights operate to Zakynthos. The island receives charter flights, scheduled flights and low cost carriers. Since 2010 EasyJet offers direct flights from / to London Gatwick (LGW). The airport also facilitates cargo, cessna's, private jets and helicopters. From the airport of Zakynthos to Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa is a 15 minutes drive.